The ITS Story

Interstate Tax Service (ITS) was founded by the late Paul C. Moomaw in 1943.  At that time, the Pennsylvania Legislature amended the Unemployment Compensation (UC) Law to permit employers to qualify for lower annual UC tax rates based on employment records.  ITS was the first company of its kind, providing highly specialized UC services to employers.

Since 1943, ITS has been a voice for employers in the Pennsylvania UC arena.  We continue to participate in meetings and hearings concerning proposed legislation, as well as conduct thorough review and analysis of currents laws.

Now, as then, ITS is a family owned and operated firm.  Since our inception, we have focused our work exclusively on protecting our clients against improper payment of UC benefits and eliminating all unnecessary charges.  This allows our clients to enjoy some of the lowest UC costs possible.  Since our fee structure is simple and straightforward, many of our clients consider the fee they pay to be a profitable investment rather than a cost item. 

We invite you to contact us for a no-obligation cost survey to determine what assistance we can render in reducing your UC costs.  Lower cost may be only a few clicks away.


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