The ITS Story

Interstate Tax Service (ITS) was founded by Paul C. Moomaw. Paul was the chairman of the PA House Labor and Industry committee in the mid-1930s. He was responsible to ensure that his committee drafted and passed legislation creating the PA Unemployment Compensation (UC) Law to comply with federal
requirements under the Social Security Act. In 1943, the Pennsylvania Legislature amended the UC Law so an employer’s UC tax rate would fluctuate depending on the employer’s UC experience. This created an incentive for employers to contest a UC claim as it could result in a lower UC tax rate. Being an expert on the Law that he basically created, ITS was founded and became the first company of its kind,
providing highly specialized UC services to employers.

Since 1943, ITS has been a voice for employers in the UC arena. We continue to participate in meetings and hearings about proposed legislation, and to conduct thorough review and analysis of currents laws.

Four generations later ITS continues to be family-owned and operated. Since our inception, we have focused on protecting our clients from improper payment of UC benefits and eliminating all unnecessary charges. This allows our clients to enjoy some of the lowest UC costs possible. Since our fee structure is simple and straightforward, many of our clients consider the fee they pay to be a profitable investment rather than a cost item.

We currently represent about 1,900 clients, including private industry, non-profits, and municipal sub-divisions. While ITS originally concentrated within PA, it has truly become “interstate” and represents employers regardless of their location.




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