Liaison with Department of Labor & Industry

Liaison with your States unemployment department on all unemployment compensation (UC) matters.

Analysis & Recording of Applications for UC Benefits

Analysis and recording of all Applications for UC benefits filed by individuals chargeable to your account.

Monthly Analysis, and Audit of Charges & Credits

Monthly analysis and audit of all charges, credits and other computations to your UC account contained in all statements.

Consult with You

Consult with you upon request concerning the stabilization of employment schedules to minimize or avoid certain un -employment charges.

File Appeals Against Eligibility

We will file appeals against questionable determinations of eligibility.

Assist in the Presentation

Appear with and counsel your witnesses at Department predetermination interviews, referee and Board of Review hearings

Pursue Amendments

Pursue amendments in the UC law favourable to you by participating in meetings and hearings.

Provide Annual Reports

Provide Annual Report detailing your UC activity for past fiscal year.

Provide Educational Seminars

Provide you with educational seminars as requested.

Solvency Fee Analysis

Relief from Charges/Solvency
Fee analysis.

File Requests

File Request for Relief From Charge in all possible cases.

Review Mergers / Accquisitions

Review mergers/acquisitions and their effect on your UC tax rate.

Analysis, Audit & Appeal

Analysis, audit and appeal (if necessary) your UC Contribution Rate (tax) Notice.

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